Art Déco


First it conquered decorative arts, then industrial design, and finally, the rest of the artistic fields. With these necklaces and earrings inspired by Art Déco we want to transport you to the roaring ’20s, trying to recapture the spirit of this decadent era through the use of elegant shapes and geometric designs. Timeless classics. However, for this collection we haven’t gone with crystal, gold or mother-of-pearl like back in those days; instead we’ve chosen one of our favorite materials, resin. With these stunning necklaces and earrings, you’ll be able to dance to the rhythm of the Charleston, play at being Odette at Verdurin’s Salon, visit the tallest skyscraper of the time… But those are just some of the many plans we have in store for you with this accessory range; a set of pieces inspired by literature and geometry, poetry and architecture that will make you relive bygone-time splendor.

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Hypoallergenic 18k bath
Natural made with own molds



Within the collection you can find pieces of all kinds: and mini earrings, and maxi earrings, and maxi necklaces, .