Ballet pumps


Let’s dance! But each in our own way, of course! Whether you’re slow or fast paced, classic or edgy, in skinny jeans or a long dress, here come these new ballet pumps that embrace the woman in all of us. An ode to femininity in the form of a shoe, reformulated from toe to heel: starting with its shape, studied to the millimetre to elongate the leg as far as your flexibility will allow! And continuing with its neckline -super suggestive!- and the removable cotton strap to highlight or conceal your ankle depending on the occasion. And if we take a look inside, it is worth mentioning its back pad -a classic of the house-, which will provide you with comfort in every movement, and its lining -not at all usual- of recycled neoprene, which will wrap your feet like a glove. Three extremely appealing models for three different moods: which one do you choose?