The BOWBAGS are here!

Or, the same thing, our particular interpretation of a bag, redesigned from top to bottom. Starting with its pattern, with clean and simple lines, with minimal seams to avoid any visual discomfort. And continuing with its closure: an imposing bow, comfortable and functional, that will allow you to wear it in many different ways. Either short or long. Over one shoulder or across your body. Forward or to the side. With simple or elaborate knot. A whole world of possibilities embodied on recycled cotton, light and of high quality, without unnecessary hardware or superfluous ornaments that tarnish its purity.

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Here we present an exercise of conciseness, of extreme simplicity, like the haikus themselves that accompany each piece: brief poems of Japanese origin intended to capture in a few syllables the beauty of an instant. The glow of light on a stone, the flight of a butterfly, the cry of a bird in the night, the snap of a drop in a pond. Natural prints, evocative scenes that provoke an emotion based on contrasts. Like these same two-tone models handmade next to our workshop with their violets and yellows, fuchsias and greens, black and white, burgundy and roses, designed to awaken your senses and lighten the weight of your day-to-day life.

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100% cotton fabrics