We’re celebrating Black Friday for the first time in our history, with an exclusive collection. But this is not a discount campaign. Or a covert price operation. It’s design. Pure and genuine creativity.

After all, that’s why we founded papiroga. To create original accessories capable of transforming moods with the ‘no sales’ ethos we have stood by for 12 years.

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If one day we were to be part of this event, if we wanted to partake at some point in this celebration, the path was already mapped out; we would do it with the same principles and tools that have brought us this far. With freedom and with an uncomplicated spirit. Without ties and by contributing our particular vision.

And this is precisely what we have sought to do with this series of earrings, bracelets and necklaces inspired by the disturbing world of cockroaches: to vindicate a misunderstood and repudiated animal, a symbol of resistance and power capable of overcoming any obstacle, of surviving any plague, which we deconstruct to bring out all the beauty, all the magic hidden under its vilified shell.

In an Art Deco style that combines straight lines with curves and the obligatory black gloss mirror, we confront the light with the dark, the brightness with its shadows, in a perpetual play of contrasts that will provide harmony and strength to any look.

Our darkest offering, but with the same essence as ever. The same love and respect. And the right price for our pieces.

Welcome (back) to the dark side.

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