If there’s a collection that best represents the essence of papiroga, for sure it’s this monographic series on the effect of colour on your mood: a new creative proposal with exclusive models that explore their impact on emotions.

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Few phenomena influence us more. They condition all aspects of our lives, from the most important to the most trivial. How would we know without their presence whether or not to cross the street? Or whether a food is edible or poisonous? But not only do they affect behaviour or the way we communicate, as they also help us connect with our feelings and get to know ourselves better. We may perceive them through our eyes, but they make their way to our heart.

Their therapeutic properties have been known since ancient times: Hindus used them to cure diseases millennia ago and Egyptians used them to increase levels of consciousness. From China to Greece and from Rome to Persia, there hasn’t been a single civilisation or culture that hasn’t used their powers to shape the spirit and heal the body.

What’s behind them? What do they evoke and where do they lead us? Why do we choose one or the other to wear or to decorate the room? Why do some stimulate us and others relax us?

Enjoy Croma: a magical journey through the different vibrations of colour and their amazing benefits on our mood.

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