When we picture icebergs, we see a world of ice mountains trapped under a carpet of snow floating listlessly across the ocean. Lonely wanderers surrounded by a deathly silence. Everything is crystallised. Not a single living soul. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth. Its matter is breathing. Expressing itself. We can hear it roar. Something lives among these icy masses with their glacial existences.

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Faced with the phenomenon of thawing and global warming, we delve into the marvellous book by Olivier Remaud, who invites us to take a fresh look at wild nature and to reflect like these multi-hued diamonds whose kingdom lies below the waterline, in a realm of invisibility. Giants that forever change their appearance and turn around like whales, responding to what affects them, raising grievances and uttering warnings. Each one with its own personality, unique from all the others in its sounds, its movements and even its preferences.

With this collection, we step into a dream world that challenges our beliefs, where colours sparkle, boundaries vanish, time is suspended, and senses are transformed. With elements changing depending on the angle of the rays, sometimes oblique, sometimes vertical. Lines that intersect and curves that overlap. Translucent volumes rising from sheer crevices, cubes extracted from frozen ice floes and iridescent edges that resonate in the nothingness.

Designs that echo the murmur of the wind, the sculpted texture of water, the brittle balance of light as it creates shapes. A play of light and shade that unveils unsuspected nuances on a palette with four chromatic variations: ash grey, opaque and with a slight texture; a bluish green that shimmers from the waves; a cobalt blue worshipped by painters and poets with a captivating purity and the gold mirror, a standard papyrus, which envelops the silhouettes with its unique radiance. A spectacle of the senses that also contains new Minis and Midis with a classic vocation, earrings for creating spectacular combinations, dramatic clasps, and chokers with subtle gold trimmings.

A reflection of our moods, icebergs are the allegory of the time that passes, the mirages of our ordinary life. Its infinitely abundant crystals contain the memory of the Earth, the memories of our ancestors. If its resonance fades, if the snowflakes no longer fall on the plinths, the planet will become lonely. We share the same fate. The same water, the same light, the same air. Therein, lies the world’s safeguard.

The time to think like an iceberg is now.

(O. REMAUD, Thinking Like an Iceberg, Polity Press)

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Within the collection you can find pieces of all kinds: and mini earrings, and maxi earrings, and necklaces, .