Magic Flowers


As we love going against the flow, this winter we wanted to dive into the amazing flowers world. Let us surprise by their sensitivity and beauty, their behavior, their complex mechanisms, their abilities and amazing characteristics. Enter into a silent universe preceding our existence, connected on a wonderful way and on which the Planet’s survival depends on.

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Because plants are and have always been an open window to the imagination, a constant source of amazement and learning from which not only science but also poetry, music or architecture nourishes, with their delicate light and color harmonies, with their clever strategies; capable of communicate and memorize, to choose and calculate, to spread incredible engineering works and such classy gears as a clock machinery.

Their universe is full of magic. Because, isn’t it surprising to use birds as spreading tactic? Or hiding their seeds on their stomach to be able to transport them? To adopt brilliant solutions to brainy challenges? Or develop their own personality? Because, as in the animal kingdom, you can also find generous and altruist plants, supportive and vindictive, that reward or punish to the ones that help or punish them. A kingdom that has also all the ingredients for the drama -as the suicide of the eelgrass flower on the deep ocean- and the romantic comedy -as the masked in pollen kisses that the flower sends to her distant lover.

From the joint of these two worlds -the men and the flowers one-, that are rarely touched and live, in general, disconnected, rises this collection, that explores and recreates what happens when smelling and touching them, when eating them, when listening to them or, simply, when looking at them with a new glance.

This way, we discover a lot of plants with healing super powers: that increase the resistance to infections and beat headaches, that are capable of reducing inflammations and calm the nerves, that prevent heart diseases and palliate an endless number of illness avoiding the use of conventional medicines. Although there are also toxic ones, with components that accelerate the heart rate and circulation. And hallucinogenic if what you prefer is a trip to the hereafter. But if you have more peaceful plans and you decide on a quiet dinner at home, there are also delicious options that will give your night a special touch.

From this interaction among the natural and the accessories world come out the Maxi earrings and necklaces that we introduce hereafter, and that, in spite of turning from three to two dimensions, supplement to the own magnetism of the plants a unique hypnotic effect. And that also add a new material -the golden acrylic metal-, that is lighter than a leave and shines much more than it!

From this moment, you can choose if you prefer the wilder or the delicate ones, if you prefer them as a medicinal remedy, to go out or to sink your teeth on them in a time of need. Although, whatever you finally choose, it’s likely that you reach to our same conclusion: plants could live without us, but we wouldn’t be able to live without them.

Welcome to our new collection.

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Hypoallergenic 18k bath
New high quality material and polished finishes
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Within the collection you can find pieces of all kinds: and mini earrings, and maxi earrings, and maxi necklaces, .