Metal necklaces


Made of metal? Which metal? Gold? Is it plated? Is it hypoallergenic? would it be ok against the attack of a meteorite? Could I wear it if I bury myself on the earth of the Death Sea shore? Does it get dirty if I submerge it into bleach? Would it be ok under the heat of the NML Cygni slings? Well, in fact no Mrs! These pieces are made to take care of them! But calm, you won’t need to ask for a second mortgage to enjoy them. In papiroga we have a weakness for the less noble metals -without detracting gold, of course- so we use them all without any complexes, as the mood takes us, and as each necklace asks us. Come on and go for them, they are amazing!

  • Materials


Natural made with own molds
Brass plated on chains and clasps
Lacing adaptable to all measures