Rara avis


If you thought flying was the most amazing trait of birds, just wait until you discover Rara Avis, our brand new collection of accessories that showcases some of Mother Nature’s funniest courtship strategies! Everything from dances in the purest Moonwalk style and moves typical of a pop star to stunning wedding dresses, radical metamorphoses, monumental works, bizarre acrobatics, gifts, curtsies and bird calls, which range from the roar of a chainsaw to a perturbing human laugh. Because when survival is at stake, anything goes!

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However, this display of skills goes beyond reproduction: there are birds that perform mathematical calculations and solve puzzles at the speed of a primary school child; others capable of memorising -one by one- thousands of seed caches that create colourful tapestries with flowers and berries; or others that make their own tools and then pass on the knowledge to make them. Some understand abstract concepts, and plan for the future. And then there are others who can tell a Mondrian from a Picasso… and even get drunk!

From gallant pyrotechnics to alien transmutation, the new designs recreate these bizarre behaviours, these unusual scenes full of comedy: Maxi earrings that strut, Midis that perform pirouettes, Minis that give impressive dance exhibitions; pieces that wobble, waddle and squeeze on stage; pursuits around necklaces and chokers on a pole dance pole! Whether in the forests of New Guinea or in the jungle of Madagascar, we’ll closely observe exotic birds in full performance, through rings and chains that give rhythm and movement to their elaborate rituals. But we’ll also notice other details, with bristling feathers, dilating pupils and attentive glances scrutinising the potential candidate.

A feast for the senses on a vibrant colour palette with neutral bases, of orange-tinged yellows with pastel blues and pinks, and of vibrant hues on black and white finished with gold and silver clips, in a striking play of contrasts designed to capture the attention, like these species do in their extravagant seduction games. And this, of course, on our star material, plexiglas, as light and versatile as the majestic wings of the birds that have us spellbound.

Lights and action: let the show begin!

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Hypoallergenic 18k bath
New high quality material and polished finishes



Within the collection you can find pieces of all kinds: and mini earrings, and maxi earrings, and maxi necklaces, .