The Demeters


This collection starts on Olympus, descends to Earth, abruptly slips into the Underworld, and returns, after countless trials and tribulations, back to the surface. And all for the whims of its protagonists: the Greek gods! A mythical story of deception, betrayal, and power, but above all of love. A profound love: that of a mother towards her snatched daughter, with which Antiquity explained the cycle of the seasons.

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Hades emerges from the darkness to turn Persephone, the daughter of Demeter, into the queen of the dead. Her mother looks for her everywhere but does not arrive in time to prevent the wedding. Furious, she retreats to Eleusis, where she curses the crops; she breaks the ploughs of the farmers, the fields cease to bear fruit, the days grow shorter, the sun warms less the frozen hearts of men. A terrible famine is spreading through all mortal species and will not end until its unbearable absence ceases. Zeus then imposes a pact: the girl will spend two thirds of the year with her mother and the rest with her husband. Thus, when Persephone returns to her mother’s arms, the world of the living recovers its joy and the soil flourishes. And when he retreats into the shadows, winter returns and the planet withers in sorrow.

But of course, this is the simplified myth as between one episode and the next there is a myriad of plots with which the Greeks tried to understand the secrets of life: the mystery of perpetual transformation and metamorphosis, the changing of the seasons, why trees blossom or why it rains.

This is a story rooted in the earth, in the depths of Nature, with props that shrink like seeds, germinate like ears of corn and sprout like tempting Daffodils with which we will cross the domains of Hades, where they will await us, burning, hanging like torches!

We draw from two sources: the Hymn to Demeter, attributed to Homer, and Estefanía and Leire’s peculiar narrations of each prop, which may not have the depth of the Aoidos, but are much more fun!

Get ready because this spring will be full of emotions…


Main Characters:

Zeus, as the boss of the Universe

Demeter, as mother courage

Persephone, as the beautiful innocent

Hades, as the villain of the movie


Guest stars:

Estefanía, as Demeter

Leire, as Persephone

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