The Triadic Ballet


Everything moves in papiroga! New themes emerge, new designs appear, forms are released and even new models are incorporated. And those who also move, although in an unconventional way, are the characters up here! Yes, yes, these adorable figurines with a diver´s face and cylinder torso. His gestures are clumsy and comical, hilarious and provocative. Because, how to move with a certain naturalness embedded in a square? With spherical feet or oval joints? Squeezed in metal meshes or wearing heavy scuba wetsuits? Embedded in these costumes that also include prosthesis and devices of all kinds, they do not seem to be human at all, more like… toys! But what have they done to deserve this? Who is responsible?

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Well, it is the visionary artist Oskar Schlemmer, ideologist of the Bauhaus, who in his Triadic Ballet (1922) brought the limits of the body on a revolutionary fusion of dance, architecture and costumes that sought to end the entire classical past. Because in this anti-dance there are neither dramas nor romances. Neither prominent protagonists nor relevant stories to tell: everything that appears on the scene are itinerant architectures, disturbing silhouettes that explore new ways of expression through new dances.

But the revolution goes beyond, because all his work implies a simplification exercise, a never ending search of the essential, minimizing, through geometry, the representation of the human figure: a square as a rib cage, a circle instead of a belly, cylinders as extremities… the elements discompose, the shapes are rebuilt to achieve, after an extensive depuration process, a new dimension of the man and the space.

And that is what we wanted to do with the unclassifiable Schlemmer ballet – who asks us!- through the outstanding Maxi earrings and necklaces, HANGS and DOTS that we introduce below: stepping out from the pure geometry for the first time, releasing straight lines, releasing through organic shapes those stooges, bigheaded, and puppets almost as irreverent as us.

Although the affinities go beyond that! Because the whole play, like papiroga, pivotes around number three: three are its stages, as our moods; three the dancers, like the lines of the new collection; three the shapes of the costumes (rounded, triangular and square), as our brand identity, that, shares in turn the same colors as the scenography…

Everything changes and everything moves!

Welcome (back) to papiroga!

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Hypoallergenic 18k bath
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Within the collection you can find pieces of all kinds: and mini earrings, and maxi earrings, and maxi necklaces, .