It all begins on a riverbank on a sunny day. Seven-year-old Alice listens in boredom, to her sister reading a book with no pictures or words. All of a sudden, she sees a white rabbit hopping past, muttering “I’m going to be late!”, pulling a watch out of its waistcoat and running into a rabbit warren. Fearless, she follows the same path and there begins a crazy adventure among magic potions that can shrink or grow, cards that come to life, talking gardens and caterpillars that smoke a pipe, all of which will push the limits of our imagination.

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Welcome to Alice in Wonderland (1865), the classic by Lewis Carroll in which the old laws don’t work and everything has its own particular logic. An impossible universe where time stands still, where objects disappear and causes and effects are reversed. Where words are devoid of meaning, where absurd dialogues, misunderstandings and incomprehensible puzzles are the order of the day. A dreamlike terrain with as many symbols as there are unusual characters to be found there: duchesses who live among the pepper, queens fixated on chopping off heads, huffing ducks and a circle of dodos. “You can’t avoid walking among the crazies”, admits the ever-smiling Cheshire Cat: “We’re all crazy here”. Or have you ever played croquet with flamingos as sticks and hedgehogs as balls?

Dreamed up as a mysterious walk along the Thames, the work has inspired silent films and those with sound, cartoons and manga, musicals and ballet, recreations of Balthus and Dalí, of Joyce and Nabokov. And from now on, this dazzling array of accessories in which no card is left unchecked, no cup of tea unpoured, no big egg unscrambled and no faux turtle soup unslurped. We do this on a palette of pastel colours -not the pastels of the Mad Hatter!- using the principles of colourimetry to emphasise different skin tones and paired with sober and elegant smoked mirrors set on organic shapes, their calculated movement reflecting a preliminary study on facial morphology designed to accentuate the facial features, neck and hair. And where, for the very first time, we have included a selection of matte materials finished with the usual gold-plated trimmings, as well as metal pieces that act as a support for multifunctional earrings to which pieces can be added or removed, with a fresh nod to the playful spirit that characterises Carroll’s overflowing fantasy.

As this bold and playful energy, irreverent and a little anarchic, is what we aspire to bring to the new pieces. With its subversive and rambunctious humour, its critique of traditional behaviour and dogmatism, its rejection of the cosmic order in its current form. An approach in which we recognise ourselves in an intimate way, which is one of the founding elements of papiroga.

We have all dreamed of being Alice at one time or another. We have all daydreamed about the idea of changing size, talking to a rabbit in a rush and celebrating our non-birthday. We have all wanted to help a group of playing cards to paint white roses red and challenge a despotic queen. And wished that the clock would stop at exactly six o’clock to submerge us deep into eternity.

This is a collection created for the non-conformists. For anyone refusing to be trapped in adulthood and wishing to regain a sense of wonder at the world. For those still searching for new horizons, unfamiliar landscapes to travel to with their child-like soul, always reluctant to go to bed in order to continue daydreaming.

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Hypoallergenic 18k bath
New high quality material and polished finishes



Within the collection you can find pieces of all kinds: and mini earrings, and maxi earrings, and mini earrings, and necklaces, .