Xul Solar


Not only a dazzling but an enigmatic figure enlights our summer collection: the unclassifiable Óscar Alejandro Agustín Schultz Solari (1883-1963), later self proclaimed as Xul Solar. Who was really this brilliant lunatic? Or rather, who wasn’t? Because, in addition to develop an incredible plastic world, he was also astrologist, visionaire and a happy mystical, creator of two languages – the panlanguage and neocriollo- and 12 religions!, unrepentant cosmopolitan and passionate bibliophile. Something else? Yes! He was also an architect, puppeteer, creator of the panchest -an astrological version of the game- and of a revolutionary three lines piano which added to the piano keyboards colors and textures.

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He built an original pictorial work that defies the disciplinary conventions, archaic and avant-garde at the same time, full of skyscrapers, stairs, towers, flags and writings, in which may appear men with fish or half moon feet, cities flying over another cities being itself as gothic fortress or doll’s house. His universe is a fantasy, happiness and good mood explosion, filled by small colorful wonders and kabalistic enigmas: through watercolors, paints, books and all kind of tools, overlook boats, sphinxes, christs, thumbnails, pagodas, zodiacs and mestizo crosses.

A boundless imagination human being, who reinvented the world everyday. And such an intimate world, free and easygoing is the one that we wanted to reflect into this new collection of Maxi necklaces, earrings and brooches. We divide it into bright blue, intense yellow, pure red and mystical black, consistent with the colors that mainly inhabit in Xul’s paintings. The closest color palette that, surely, would choose a kid to represent the Universe.

When remembering his disappearance, one of his greatest friends, Jorge Luis Borges, encouraged the audience: “I invite you to live all together, to hang out, to polilive or panlive, as Xul would say, in his created world of visions, lines, in the joy, purity and melody of his colors”.

Welcome to Xul Solar’s world.

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Hypoallergenic 18k bath
New high quality material and polished finishes
Lacing adaptable to all measures



Within the collection you can find pieces of all kinds: and mini earrings, and maxi earrings, and maxi necklaces, .