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Since the dawn of time, we’ve looked to the skies to unravel the mysteries of our existence: where do we come from? Where are we going? Are we alone? In the glittering light of the stars, we have mulled over our dreams, our beliefs, our deepest desires, transforming them into drawings, into stories shared by the heat of the fire.

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Silent accomplices of the human epic, they have guided us in our first steps. They were the first map, the first compass, the first calendar. The stage on which science, philosophy, art unfolded. With them, we sense our place in space. Understand each other as a species. To behold them is therefore to connect with our past. With our essence. The cells of our eyes, the calcium of our bones, the iron of our blood were forged in the heart of these celestial bodies before being cast into the cosmic immensity. Their history is our history.

Like us, they too are born, grow old and die. They come in different shapes and sizes. There are fixed, wandering, fleeting. In spectacular and often-changing colours: from bright, blushing red to cold blue, from yellow to orange to silvery white. They travel at incredible speeds and some shine hundreds of times brighter than the sun.

Over the centuries, we have deciphered many of the universe’s enigmas. We can now travel beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. We’ve left our mark on the cratered surface of the moon. We are preparing to disembark on Mars. Yet we still have the same ancestral fascination with the starry sky as the first humans. It is this experience, that of stopping and marvelling at the celestial vault, an act that has been imitated time and time again by generations of cultures all across the world, that we wanted to replicate with this collection that captures the light of the brightest stars in a series of iridescent earrings and necklaces.

This here is a constellation of magical accessories, pieces steeped in a unique aura. A journey through Sirius and Alpha, Vega and Hadar, with curved lines that blend into straight lines, organic shapes that merge with soft edges, enhanced by gold and mirror silver, with a playful glitter that balances the features and brings out your most vibrant side.

Because we’re stars. Our life is bound to the sky. And we’re made to shine.

Only available until 6 January. Comes with gift included.

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