La Bayadère


Marynski Theater, Saint Petersburg. February the 4th, 1877.

We move forward over the sitting area, where one of the biggest spectacles of all times is about to start. A timeless love story placed in a legendary India with omnipotent rajahs and brahmans, fakirs, princesses and warriors. The title: The Bayadère. The main characters: Nikiya, the Temple’s dancer in love with Solor, prince that must get marry with Gamzatti, the evil daughter of… the even most evil Maharajah.

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And among the main bayadera breakthrough until her disappearance in the kingdom of shadows and the tremendous end, a series of intrigues and revenges, jealousy and treacherys that will lead us to the most intricate of the human heart and will leave the audience breathless.

Conducted by Marius Petipa under the baton of Ludwig Minkus, we’ll attend with this ballet to prodigious performances: from multitudinous processions and never ending flights, till magical arabesques, scintillating barrel curls and a never ending hypnotic movements, in a never seen before on a stage deployment of resources.

Whether in the opulent palace rooms, amongst bejeweled elephants and real tigers, under a starry sky or in a solitary forest, the scenes will be chained with astonishing choreographies, each more powerful than the other. Not to talk about the costumes tailored by Theoni Aldredge for the occasion, with its brass idol dancers and its delicate bayaderas, shrouded in a veil of permanent mystery… Pure fantasy!

Based on the poems of the also hindi Kalidasa, The Bayadère is divided in three acts. As the episodes of our collection. On the first one, they prevail the sinuous and undulating shapes with grape, light cream and dark blacks as the coal colors, in a Construction of the Sacred Flame, that will be its guiding thread.

On the second one, we fall down to the enchantment of the 24 bayadère going down through a spiral slipway as if they were spectrums. For this one we add – for the first time in papiroga and, who knows if in the entire world! – mirrors into our Maxi earrings and necklaces. Because, what better than this material as a symbol of this dual love story in which every face has its reverse side?

And, for the last installment, the most playful of all of them, we dress up to assist to a multicolor party of reds and pinks, in which we couldn’t miss the main color, gold, eager to give our best, god-knows if for a happy ending or a fateful one…

Shhh… the backdrop is raising.

Let the show begin!

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Within the collection you can find pieces of all kinds: and mini earrings, and maxi earrings, and maxi necklaces, .