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The oceans cherish some of the planet’s most fascinating sights. Such as coral reefs, ancient structures that unravel beneath the sea like an enchanted kingdom. A magical world of curves and spirals, of meandering labyrinths, of galleries that twist and turn into dazzling mosaics. Bewitched by the magnetism of their figures, by the exuberance of their colours, by the life that beats in their eerie cavities, we’ve travelled from Komodo to the Maldives and from the Galapagos to Papua New Guinea to recreate these vibrant ecosystems that are key to biodiversity, yet now endangered.

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A journey across the seabed’s fantastic topography with a palette of pure whites and golden mirrors, of translucent blues and resplendent fluorescent reds on organic patterns freed from their immobility to impose rhythm, movement, and tempo, as if they were dancing to the sound of hypnotic ocean currents. Flowing designs that adapt to the environment, such as the hoop clasps found in most earrings and mean that they can be used in both their Maxi and Mini versions, in a two-for-one that’s already a classic at papiroga. What’s more, the Maxi necklaces with adjustable loop, ideal for wearing either long around the neckline of the dress or short under a shirt collar. Or on a sweater when the nights get a bit chilly.

Welcome to a collection lapped by the magic of the ocean, criss-crossed by its mysteries. By the foam-caressed shades of its reefs, by the scintillating glow of its corals. Imbued with light, with vibrant colours that light up the face and embellish features. An invitation to marvel at the wonders of Mother Nature, colossal in her clarity and enigmatic in her depths. To admire her nuances. To celebrate life in a pure state and to feel the deepest heartbeat.

The dive begins.

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Hypoallergenic 18k bath
New high quality material and polished finishes



Within the collection you can find pieces of all kinds: and mini earrings, and maxi earrings, and necklaces, .