Mariana Trench


With this collection we travel to the deepest depths of the Earth, far from man’s gaze, towards an unexplored place said to be the final frontier of the 21st century: the Mariana Trench, the great black hole, the pit that sinks 10,911 meters beneath the Pacific Ocean. A remote territory shrouded in mystery, in the most absolute darkness, where pressure exceeds a thousand atmospheres and temperatures never surpass 2°C. Some scientists believe that life originated here in the darkness of these hadal depths, far from the light, some 4,000 million years ago.

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And so it is to these depths that we direct our submarine, towards the most unknown edge of the Planet, well-protected and with eyes open, ready to design new pieces. After five hours of descent, we land on the ocean floor. Nothing moves. The seabed is flat and uniform in every direction. It is immaculate. An alien limbo ruled by a strange stillness, oblivious to any human experience: only about twenty astronauts have visited the Moon – we remind ourselves, crammed in this small capsule – but nobody has reached this abyss before. There is no trace of life. Until the dim light of a candle illuminates a microscopic kingdom: here, passing by our little window, a night worm! And next to it, tiny micrococci! And further down, as if marching in a procession, a party of radiolarios, and the majestic solum! And, shining by themselves in the dark, there is no lack of glacialis! Nor of Hymathopolus! 

Gradually, a stunning landscape emerges before our eyes which transports us to a new palette of colours: the dark blue of the ocean, the green of the algae, the cream of the sand and the black of the abyssal depths. Not forgetting the gold – with its magnificent shine – and the transparencies, vital in this sophisticated ecosystem through which fantastic creatures appear. We must include the pearls (which there are!) with their shapes sinuous and organic, curved, like the micro-organisms which move, mutate and transform around us. There will be fixed pieces and others like wildcards, allowing us to turn maxi earrings into minis!

From the surface, we receive one last signal. Time is scarce, running out dangerously, but we manage to stay another few minutes. Just a few more moments to say goodbye to this world. Goodbye radiolarios, goodbye worms! It is time: release the ballasts, we’re launching a new collection!

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Hypoallergenic 18k bath
New high quality material and polished finishes



Within the collection you can find pieces of all kinds: and mini earrings, and maxi earrings, .